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Products & Services

Weather Forecaster
Thermometer - Plastic Back, Double Scale
Thermometer Clock with Wired Probe
Environmental Meter
Cloud Forming Apparatus
Standard Rain Gauge
Psychrometer Kit
Weather Center
Meterology hygrometer Wet & Dry
Meteorological thermometers
Rain gauge
Seismograph model
Anemometer cup counter type
Electrical wind velocity/directional indicator
Helmet Compass
Small Gimbaled Boxed Compass
Boxed Compass
Forestry Clinometer Compass
Surveyor's Compass
Lensatic Compass
British Prismatic Pocket Compass
Large Prismatic Stand Compass
Prismatic Compass
Gimbaled Desk Stand Compass
Clinometer Compass
Round Gimbaled Desk Compass
WWI Reproduction Pocket Compass
Medium Pocket Compass
Large Pocket Compass
2 in. Open Faced Compass
Lightweight Brass Pocket Compass
Life Ring Compass
Mahogany Desk Compass
Rosewood Compasses
Hand Inlaid Rosewood
Feng Shui Compasses
Compass Key Chains
Clock with Compass
Silver Key Chain Compass
Aluminum Key Chain Compass and Luggage Tag
Silver Airfoil Compass Paperweight
Dalvey Pocket Compasses
Zinc Lensatic Compass
Lensatic Marching Compass
Brunton Pocket Transit
Map Compass
Survival Compass
20mm Plastic Compass
Plastic Pocket Compass
Whirling hygrometer
Earth-Soil thermometers
Sunshine recorder
Wind vane
Anemometer vane type
Weather station
Miniature Boxed Compass
Inlaid Boxed Compass
Titanic Boxed Compass
Miner's Compass
Surveyor's Pocket Compass
Engineering Lensatic Compass
Small Prismatic Stand Compass
Stand Surveying Compass
Prismatic Compass on Tripod
Clinometer Handle Compass
Directional Desk Compasses
Gold Plated Desk Compass
Miniature Pocket Compass
Standard Pocket Compass
Open Face Watch Style Compass
Open Face Pocket Compass
Brass Scouting Pocket Compass
Small Paperweight Compass
Captain's Rosewood Compass
Round Hinged Inlaid Compass
Compass Small 3-Leg Desk
Chart Compass
Mahogany Desk Clock with Compass
Dalvey Compass Key Chain
Gold Key Chain Compass
Sterling Silver Compass Lockets
Aluminum Open Pocket Compass
Aluminum Desk Compass in Rosewood Case
Mil-Spec Tritium Lensatic Compass
Chinese Military Compass
Mirror Sighting Compass
Backpacker's Compass
Carabiner Compass
Slamic Qibla Compasses
Handheld Digital compass
Small Aluminum Project Compasses
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